About us

Welcome to Ala Rassi, where our name embodies our commitment to prioritizing your wellness and satisfaction. “Ala Rassi” is inspired an Arabic expression that translates in English to “Anything for You”  We are proud to introduce our flagship product: the CBD Infused Genital Body Stick, a groundbreaking solution for sexual wellness that is both natural and effective.

Our CBD Infused Genital Body Stick is the first of its kind, meticulously designed to enhance body confidence and provide a holistic approach to intimate care. Formulated with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, this product not only addresses your personal wellness but also aligns with the values of a hygienic, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible lifestyle.


At Ala Rassi, our mission is to continuously meet the evolving needs of our community. We are committed to ensuring that our products offer safe, effective, and natural solutions. Each stick is manufactured in Colorado, where we adhere to the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Join us on our journey to redefine sexual wellness with products that honor your body and our planet. Ala Rassi - Anything for You.